Friday, February 4, 2011


Opening charge- Gen. 18:12

v Sarah laughed quietly in unbelief. She did not laugh in faith and celebration
v She looked at her circumstances and not at the God who keeps promises
v But God laughed last,He challenged Sarah’s unbelief in(vs 14)

Ø God will give you the kind of laughter that will accomplish the joy of a promise kept in Jesus name

v God is faithful, He always keeps His promises in His timing and in His way
v You cannot give up on God’s timing so as to fulfill that ‘thing’ in the life of your husband
v What is that issue in the life of your husband and in your marriage that you are almost giving up on?
v What is that thing that gives you a quiet laugh in unbelief and impatience whenever you remember it, and it looks as if it has passed God’s own timing
v God is too faithful to fail, He alone can make it happen, no matter the circumstances of that issue or your own timing
v Beginning from this moment, laugh in faith and you will celebrate because He will do it for His glory

Ps 91:1
v In dwelling in the secret place, we are taught to accept responsibility
v Arise, to a new level, a new life; Arise and shine
v No shinning without rising

Isaiah 60:1-4, 11
v Father, no more shall the sun of your son(my husband) go down in Jesus name

Deut. 2:24
Contending in battle is accepting responsibility.

Ø Arise, Lord give my husband grace to arise to accept responsibility in Jesus name
Ø Fire of the Holy Spirit stir up my husband to next level in the name of Jesus

Ps 24:7
Ø Lord, every gate/door of stagnation/disappointment hindering my husband’s access to breakthrough, be lifted in the name of Jesus
Ø Lord, according to your word, the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off, every gate of disappointment is lifted before my husband in the  name of Jesus.

v The number one next level is his spiritual life
Ø Father, this man must take his priesthood in our home in Jesus name
Ø Lord, by your power and fire, make the door of our spiritual lives to be opened in the name of Jesus.

I Corin. 16:9-11
v A door is a definite access to move to the next level
v Doors leading to breakthrough unlimited must be opened

v Different types of doors: door of marital bliss, joy, faith, profit in business, helpers, salvation, mercy, grace, door of completion, door of celebration, deliverance, etc.
v Every door of spiritual and financial stagnation, must be destroyed
v Recognize the doors that must be opened in your husband’s life

Ø Lord, purge my heart of all dead works with the blood of Jesus
Ø Lord, let the door of my celebration be opened by fire in Jesus name

Isaiah 37:14-17
v Hezekiah had an issue that he presented to God.
v What is that issue in your marriage, in your husband’s life, in your home that you want to present to God
v In few minutes, bring those issues before God now.

Ø I send back to sender, every arrow of separation, divorce, shame and sorrow in my direction in Jesus name.

Ø Father, anyone saying I will not have rest in my marriage, Lord, lay them to rest in Jesus name

Matt. 18:18
Ø Lord, every manipulation of hell, I bind and nothing shall hinder my husband from accessing the open door in Jesus name
Ø Lord, destroy by your fire, everyone hindering my husband’s access to the open door

Isaiah 49:24
Ø Lord, from today, everywhere they mention my husband’s name, Father answer them by fire.
Ø Lord, from today, anyone that dares me answer by fire in Jesus name
Ø Lord, when I speak, let it be fire in Jesus name
Ø Lord, when I sing, let it be fire in Jesus name
Ø Lord, when I move, let it be fire in Jesus name
Ø Lord, put on my husband the garment of fire that the hand of the enemy will not be able to touch him in Jesus name
Ø Lord, send your fire ahead into my home now, let your fire consume all that needs to be consumed from today in Jesus name
Ø Lord, it shall be impossible for anyone to cover the glory of my husband in Jesus name

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